Saturday, 15 November 2008

I am angry.

It is now, as I write this, approximately 6 hours after the Arsenal - Aston Villa match ended, and I'm still almost incandescent with anger.

I'm angry at the Villa players who chopped at Walcott, Nasri and Fabregas all game, yet fell over like they'd been shot everytime we went near them;

I'm angry at the referee and his assistants for being such blind and/or bent tosspots who missed several blatant fouls on our players including the one that led to their second goal. Mike Riley has always been a Man Utd supporting arsehole, but he outdid himself today;

I'm angry at our players for putting in such a weak performance today. We didn't deserve to win or even draw today, quite apart from anything else;

I'm angry at our manager who persists with his plan A even when it's blindingly obvious that it is not working - and the fact that it doesn't appear he's even thought of a plan B.

I'm angry that all the hard work of the last week - beating Man Utd and our kids beating Wigan - has been undone in the space of 90 minutes.

I'm angry that the vultures of the media will be circling around us again, and predicting our doom and reveling in it, as for some reason, we are the club the media love to stick the knife into.

And finally, I'm angry that I'm angry about all this. I know that come the next game I'll be cheering on the Arsenal louder than ever and I will be until I die.


Monday, 3 November 2008

The trouble with iPhone apps... that I love 'em too much. I've managed to fill up the entire nine screens given over to storing your apps, and I'm now in the position of having to get rid of old apps in order to install new ones. I hope that Apple institutes a folder system for apps in a future update, or at least takes away the nine screen limit. For now though, it's the old swapping apps game for me... Sigh...