Friday, 27 March 2009

The DFC lives on (well, sort of)

It's lovely to see that the late, lamented DFC comic is rising from the dead and being reborn in a number of places, not least at Super Comics Adventure Squad. The site is a sort of hub where you can catch up with the creators of the DFC, see their latest projects and follow links to their portfolios, online strips and blogs, and it includes lots of concept sketches, pages and commentary that's well worth following.

Also worthy of note is HUZZAH!, a group blog consisting of a 'round robin' strip that's very good indeed. There's some real quality work being done here, by an excellent crop of UK cartoonists including Rob Davis, I. N. J. Culbard, Dan McDaid, Colin Fawcett, and the incomparable Faz Choudhury. What's consistently amazing about HUZZAH! is not just the fact that it's gorgeous to look at, but it's also a cracking yarn too.

For this jaded old has-been never-was, these sites (and the fact that the UK comics community seems to be in rude health) is like a tall, cold glass of water on a very hot summer's day.