Tuesday, 5 May 2009

So it all comes down to this...

In a weird parallel to events nearly 20 years ago, Arsenal find themselves facing a match where they are the complete underdog and are needing to win by at least two clear goals. The only differences are that we are playing at home, facing Manure not Liverpoo' and it's to get into the final of the Champions league, not for the league trophy.

We have a lot of players out through injury and a makeshift defense that makes any of my efforts at DIY look positively robust. We're facing a side that are arguably the best in the world right now whilst simultaneously being the biggest collection of tossers to ever make up a football team. Everybody outside of the Emirates thinks we're going to be comprehensively battered, leaving our season in ruins for yet another year; the press in particular can smell Arsenal blood and they love that aroma.

No pressure then, lads.

Come on you rip-roaring, mighty Gunners! We are The Arsenal, and we are the best!

Update: 9:40pm

Well, the match has just finished, and it looks like everybody outside the Emirates was right. We were outclassed in every department, and comprehensively battered. The only consolation was that Darren Fletcher doesn't get to go the final either after being red carded.

As I said on twitter: My poor, poor Arsenal. You were shite tonight but I still love you. Roll on next season.