Thursday, 7 January 2010

The sorry state of written English today.

Right, angry old fart hat on. If there's one thing I see as a drawback to all this wonderful technology we have around us today, it's this: No bugger can write a sentence in proper English anymore. Take, for example, this edifying review on the UK iTunes app store:

"Dis is ok but I have got it on my Sony Ericsson and it is better u can do more things on it so only 3 stars"

You know what? If I had my way, you would be banned from using any technology whatsoever if you could not be bothered to spell correctly, use punctuation or refrain from typing 'you' as 'u'. Especially if you take the time and trouble to spell a brand name correctly.

Bloody chavs.

Why the Internet is Great, Part 715.

When I was a kid, I lusted after this course like you would not believe. And here we are, umpty-tum years later, with the whole thing online in easy-to-download-and-savour PDF format. Ahhhhhhh. Thank you the Internets.

Famous Artists Cartoon Course «

(Via Comicrazys, a most excellent blog.)